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Starling International Childcare & Learning Complex

Richmond, Virginia
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Lifeguard - Part Time
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Now hiring:
  • Lifeguard-5 hours
  • Swim Instructor-5 hours
  • School Age Teacher
  •  Assistant Teacher
  •  Driver
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    Child Care is an art and science. It's not a job for everyone. If you're fun loving, caring, and take serious the job of nurturing young children, then this may be a job for you. When filling out an application, prepare to stay several hours for a PAID, working interview. This interview process has been proven to be the most successful way of determining a potential employee's knowledge, experience, and fit to this type of work.

    We're expanding and hiring now! Come to our front door, press the electronic bell at our secure building. At the front desk, ask for a job application to fill out for employment. Resumes are preferential in addition to the application. Hiring hours are between 9:30am and 1:00pm, Monday through Friday.

    We're located near Regency Mall, off Parham Road, behind Topeka's Steakhouse, across the street from the new Tuckahoe Library. 1784 Starling Drive. (If you Email your resume, be sure to bring a hard-copy to the interview)

    Part Time
    Full Time
    Flex Time
    Work around College Classes
    NAEYC Accredited Program
    Equal Opportunity Employer

    1784 Starling Drive
Richmond, VA  23229
Fax: 804-346-8494