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Starling International Childcare & Learning Complex

Richmond, Virginia
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Starling Receives Prestigious Safety First Award.

January 22, 2015- Michael Swain, Senior Loss Control Specialist for Markel stated, "Starling International Child Care & Learning Complex has met stringent criteria to qualify for the Safety 1st designation. It has a proven safety record, underwent formal assessments and inspections, and participated in continuing education and certification programs.  Starling deserves to be recognized for keeping safety a top priority."

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Starling International
Child Care & Learning Complex
1784 Starling Drive
Richmond, VA  23229
Fax: 804-346-8494
Children develop new skills during weekly Computer Lessons.
 Camp Cosmic goes to Jumpology
After the Easter Egg Hunt, children test their skills at the "Egg Walk"
What Parents Say...
"There are many things that I look for in a facility that provides childcare services for my children.  Some of those things include a bright, cheery setting, nutritious snacks and meals, a well-trained staff, and a stimulating educational environment.  And, I have found all those things at Starling International.  However, there are two other things, which to me set Starlng apart from other childcare facilities.  The first is the loving and warm approach to meeting the individual needs of each child, and the second is an environment that values diversity--diversity amoung its staff as well as its student enrollment.  As a person who values diversity, I am very pleased to see the wide range of ethnic backgrounds of your staff as well as the children who attend Starling.  Just as with Ashley's special needs, I see diversity being celebrated at Starling, and I truly believe that is one of the ways our future generations will mature into more tolerant, accepting people."
-Deborah, Chip(6), Ashley (9)
"I can honestly say that Starling International is part of my extended family.  Every morning when I drop off my children, they are greeted with a genuine smile.  And at the end of the day, they usually don't want to leave!  I especially like the video monitors that allow me to see what they are doing, and the Lifeguard has taught both of them to swim.  Starling has given me and my children excellent care and experieces.  I am thrilled to have found such a daycare."
-Diane, Artie (3), Zach (6)
"I am the mother of three children who attend Starling.  My chidren love coming to day care with the people who take great care of them.  This is my children's home away from home.  The people who work at Starling are wonderful people, showing care and concern for my children.  There are times my children don't even want to leave me.  That's what makes me feel good to know my children love where they are at.  Thanks to the great workers who make this place so wonderful"