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Starling International Childcare & Learning Complex

Richmond, Virginia
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Starling Receives Prestigious Safety First Award.

January 22, 2015- Michael Swain, Senior Loss Control Specialist for Markel stated, "Starling International Child Care & Learning Complex has met stringent criteria to qualify for the Safety 1st designation. It has a proven safety record, underwent formal assessments and inspections, and participated in continuing education and certification programs.  Starling deserves to be recognized for keeping safety a top priority."

From the Principal 

February 9, 2015

Dear Parents,

I’m writing to give you a “heads-up” about 3 activities that are important to you and your family.

1. New Road in front of Starling.  The new road we have been promising will be poured soon. We will notify you in advance on which day it will be. 


2.    Parent Survey.   Several times a year we have an independent statistician conduct a parent survey.  This year they will be contacting most of you by e-mail.  The e-mail surveys, as I understand it, will come to you this week.  Please watch for them and respond.  We would like at least an 80% return rate!

3. Maximum Communications between Parents and Starling Staff.  For several months we have been testing new electronic systems for Starling staff to be able to e-mail you photos of your children, as well as, notes about their day.  

We have chosen the Kaymbu system.  Some of our test parents have already received photos and notes.


Starting this week, all parents’ e-mails will be loaded into the dashboards carried by teachers, and you may begin receiving updates on your child’s day or week!

Be on the lookout for your child’s smiling face on your smart phone or other electronic device.


That’s all for now, but shortly I’ll be writing about the opening of the new Aldi Food Market in front of our building and how it will benefit you.




Donna Goff, Principal

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