Summer Camp

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"Ketchup Camp"

Starling announces, “Ketchup Camp” a comprehensive catchup
summer camp program starting June 18th, 2021 and concluding
on August 27th with an “end of summer Dance Party.”
After a year of setbacks and public-school closures “Ketchup
Camp” provides remedial classes M-F from 9am-12
noon for preschool through 6th graders. Academic classes in
World Languages, Reading, Writing and STEAM, (Science)
Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math) are offered.
The morning academic schedule is interspersed with
frequent “brain breaks” for arts and crafts, role playing, kids’
kitchen, and big physical activities.
The atmosphere of “Ketchup Camp” is bright and fun,
like a squirt of it on a big, juicy burger. Mobile devices and
computer screens that have become children’s sitters, teachers
and entertainers during lockdown and public-school
closures are noticeably absent OR limited.
The remainder of the day looks a lot like summer
camps of yesteryear: swimming, yoga and mindfulness,
athletics and team sports, visits from community helpers,
vegetables gardening, and field trips to parks, zoos,
museums, Jumpology and historical sites.
Sign up today for Ketchup Camp at
the front desks at both Starling and QBC.
Space is limited and parents from around
the county are calling Starling to get enrolled.
Current families have first choice!

You have the option of sending your child to public school OR attend virtually through Starling's Neighborhood Virtual School program. Starling's Educators create a small, clean, and inviting environment, and they help keep your child on-line, and on-task with their Virtual Public School Teacher. When it's time for transitions and breaks, we're here with lots of fun activities, snacks, out-door games, healthy meals, and relaxed fun.