Job Title: Afternoon Front Office Greeter/Closer

Job Description: Follow staff schedule and move staff children according to ratios.  Closing center, filing student and personnel files including all documentation, certifications, and background checks; Assist in: collecting past due tuition, billing third parties, compiling company financial documents, answering phones, updating company databases, printing reports, verifying student and personnel attendance, preparing payroll, taking care of children as necessary, driving company vehicle, answering customer questions professionally, substituting different tasks as the workload fluctuates.

Reports to: Center Director

Job Duties:

*Refill Hand Sanitizer bottle at front door, and keep entry clean and organized
*Update Parent Information Monitor for Upcoming Events
*Assist in printing and distribute Attendance Sheets to classrooms

  • Collect Last Week’s Attendance Sheets

*Assist in Preparing Payroll

  • Print Staff Time Sheets
  • Review for errors/make corrections
  • Add up totals

*Enter any new Children or Staff files into computer databases
*Make sure unused snack items/milk are returned to kitchen from all classrooms and put away
*Update Children’s Files

  1. Review for completeness
  2. Update Checklist in file and synchronize database
  3. Color code file folders in Binder alphabetically
  4. Send out reminders to parents whose children’s documents are missing or about to expire

*Update Staff Files

  1. Review for completeness
  2. Give out reminder notices
  3. Update checklist, synchronize with database
  4. Complete and send in Background Checks

*Assist in Posting Tuition Payments

  1. Open Tuition Box
  2. Open Tuition Envelopes and enter payments into computer database
  3. Stamp the back of each check
  4. Print out two deposit slips,place one in Weekly Financial Folder and one for bank
  5. Verify deposit slip matches the amount you recorded into computer database
  6. Put all deposit items and deposit slip in an envelope and write “Deposit” plus today’s date
  7. tuition box until you can hand it to the Director
  8. Print out Receipts for parents who request them

*Follow staff schedule and move staff or children according to ratios
*Assist in updating website events, jobs, menus
*Assist and maintain First Aid supplies
*Keep record of staff training hours
*Assist in developing weekly shopping list
*Spot Clean Bathrooms

  1. Ensure nothing is on the floors
  2. Flush toilets
  3. Replenish supplies, if necessary
  4. Spray disinfectant/deodorizer in and around toilets

*Vacuum front entryway carpets
*Perform Outlet Cover check throughout the building
*Verify Identification of parents picking up children
*Perform Back-up Driver duties as needed
*Greet children

  1. Watch for Center Buses
  2. Open Door
  3. Supervise children in front lobby until teacher takes over and leads them to their classrooms
  4. Help children check-in on computer system
  5. Help in the classroom as necessary

*Close Center

  1. Ensure teachers have picked up their rooms, playgrounds, bathrooms, toys, shelves, etc.
  2. Write notes on Daily Log for Morning Opener and Director to tie up any loose ends
  3. Write down on Daily Log which parents arrived after closing
  4. Make sure everyone is out of the building
  5. Turn off lights around building and general lights from fuse box
  6. Turn off classroom observation monitors
  7. Sign-out of computer
  8. Turn on Burglar Alarm
  9. Lock Front Door

*It’s 6:30pm, You’re finished for the day!