There are two parts to registering.  First, you'll need to complete an interview with the Director or Enrollment Specialist.  During this meeting, our primary job is to determine which program is right for your child and your family (Interview waivers are available on a case by case basis).  You'll be given the registration materials and documentation required for Enrollment.

You'll want to share your child's schedule at home with us.  This will allow us to make as smooth a transition as possible.  The Director or Enrollment Specialist will bring you and your child on a tour of the center.  If possible, you will stop in your child's classroom briefly to see what the other children are doing and meet the teacher.  You will be given the annual Registration Fee and the weekly Tuition amounts for your child.  You can pay the Registration Fee at the Interview to hold your child's space.

Fill out the Registration Forms. Be sure to fill these out completely.

Developmental testing can be performed to determine your child's progress in key developmental areas.  Your child may have taken developmental tests at other institutions.  If so be sure to tell your Director or Enrollment Specialist and bring a copy if you have them.

Physical examination and Immunizations are vitally important because everyone entering the child care setting must be in good health and have current immunizations.  Make an appointment with your child's doctor and bring a copy of the 1. Child's Medical Evaluation (Physical), and 2. Immunization Record signed by the doctor (Recommended Immunization Schedule).  You may find it helpful to talk with your parents about any childhood diseases or medical problems you have experienced before going to the doctor's office.  If your child requires a special diet (milk or food allergy), bring a note from the doctor stating why your child cannot have that food and what to substitute.

After you fill out the Registration Package and your child's doctor has given your child a Medical Evaluation (Physical) and your child's Immunizations are up-to-date (medically documented), you can officially enroll your child.  After you show us your child's Birth Certificate, it's time to enroll your child in school.  Members of your family are welcome to watch your child register.  Your family may take photographs of you and your child along with the Director or Enrollment Specialist who enrolls them.

Whenever people make changes, we naturally have anxiety--and starting a new school is no different.  What can you do to make it easier for your child?  Be confident.  You've done your research and you've found a great place for your child.  Children can "read" your feelings, and if they sense that you are nervous they will feel the same way.  Parents have all kinds of different feelings at the same time on their child's first day of school.  The best thing you can do for your child is to contain them until after you drop him or her off.

Don't spend a lot of time, confidently bring your child to the teacher, tell your child you love them and you'll be back after work.  Then, turn around and leave.  If your child cries, remember--that's normal and we are trained to be sensitive to this separation anxiety.  We'll comfort your child and then find an activity that engages your child's interests.  If your child continues to cry, we'll call you.

One final tip.  If this is the first time you've left your child with someone else, you may want to start out slowly.  For example, only leave your child for an hour the first day, two hours the second day, then a half day, etc.  We've found that children who attend 5-days a week do better, faster than children who attend part-time, 2-3 days per week.

The following documents must be completely filled out and submitted prior to starting:

Registration Package
Immunization Record (Recommended Immunization Schedule)
Doctor's Physical Record
Copy of Birth Certificate

Our fax number is 804-346-8494